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Alter Ego Italy – by Pettenon Cosmetics SPA – imported to the United States by European Beauty Concepts, LTD – is the emerging brand in professional hair care, more than any other expresses the fundamental values ​​underlying the treatments for the care and beauty of your hair.

Not only products,
but especially VALUES in which
and we strongly believe that form the basis
solid to achieve beauty:

PASSION: In 1946 Pettenon Cosmetics studies, researches and develops products with high output cosmetic care and beauty of hair. A tradition that has been handed down for over 50 years and that is renewed daily with the MISSION to apply science and technology to the cosmetic products for hair, for the exclusive use of the hairdresser.

Love:  Alter Ego Italy was founded with the goal of providing the best solutions professional hairstylist professional beauty for what we love the most: HAIR. Ours is a love enveloping, with exclusive products, you want to protect, pamper and enhance the BEAUTY hair, in every shape and color. Every woman is unique and special and we want to celebrate its beauty by offering the key to taking care of yourself. The key to its ALTER EGO.

QUALITY “MADE IN ITALY”: an experienced team of researchers in modern laboratories combines tradition and innovation by developing exclusive formulations and cutting edge, along with technical and specialized hairdressers who make constant testing and reliability testing of products to ensure the maximum security and highest performance.

PROFESSIONALISM:  All products Alter Ego Italy are designed for professional use only for the benefit of the hairdressers. Not only to ensure the best results, but also to offer the highest professional standards for maximum creative expression.

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