Botanikare Day Therapy

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Botanikare Day Therapy is the new professional range that addresses hair and scalp wellness, it has been specifically formulated to counter and treat the most common disorders.
Hair and scalp are the most extensive organs that cover our body and they have an enormous reserve of energy; hair is an integral part of the skin together with nails, and they both play a fundamental role in our psychophysical well-being.

Our hair and scalp are extremely reactive and highly sensitive to external aggressions, therefore, they need products that are both delicate of natural derivation and with hi-tech formulae in order to maintain a balanced condition of health and wellness.
We have chosen a pool of carefully selected special ingredients of natural derivation with eco-certification and combined them with the latest generation innovation to formulate the entire range of the high performance Botanikare products, whilst remaining true to our eco-conscious policy.

All the formulations are free from: paraben, sulphates (SLES and SLS), colorants, lanolin, allergens and phthalates.
All the products are: DERMATOLOGICALLY, NICHEL, CHROME and COBALT tested.

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