The PURIFYING range formulas are enriched with PIROCTONE OLAMINE & PROTELAN AG11 (potassium undecylenoyl hydrolyzed wheat protein), carefully selected for their elevated purifying and detoxifying properties to ensure long lasting results. Botanikare Purifying gently cleanses the hair and scalp to improve the condition of the scalp and normalize the microbial flora.

Essential Purifying Lotion

For thinning, fragile hair and scalp with hair loss Alcohol-free densifying lotion with natural essential oils (detox action). The synergic action of the oils helps restore the correct hair growth cycle and provide the bulb with deep nourishment, stimulating the production of keratin, necessary for its thickening effect, and encouraging healthy and strong new hair growth. It does not cause redness and the slightly warm sensation is the result of the improved micro-circulation. Use: on cleansed hair, apply to the scalp and massage until fully absorbed. Shake well. Do not rinse off.

Peeling Pre-Treatment

Purifying and detoxifying treatment formulated to maintain the scalp perfectly clean Purifying and detoxifying treatment to carefully cleanse and disinfect the scalp. This treatment combines granules of nutshells, for a delicate yet deep exfoliation, Piroctone Olamine helps restore the natural microbial balance while Protelan AG11 carries out an effective hydrating action. DIRECTIONS: apply to dry scalp using the nozzle, and gently massage. Leave on for a few minutes, emulsify with a small amount of water and work into a lather. Rinse off well. Choose a specific shampoo to follow up- treatment. RESULTS: • deep scalp cleansing action • rebalances scalp flaking • fully respects the hydro-lipidic layer • relieves itching The characteristic fragrance Juniper & Cinnamon is an aromatic mix especially chosen for its stimulating action OLFACTORY DESCRIPTION: aromatic, woody, spicy HEAD: Orange, eucaliptus HEART: juniper, cloves, thyme, incense BASE: vanilla, cinnamon bark, white musk

Purifying Shampoo

Gentile purifying shampoo for scalps with dry or greasy dandruff The anti-bacterial properties of Piroctone Olamine and Protelan combined with the protecting properties of YUZU have been chosen to gently cleanse and remove all traces of dry and greasy dandruff, ensuring that the hydro-lipidic equilibrium remains unaltered and improve the scalp defences. DIRECTIONS: Apply to wet hair and scalp and gently massage. Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse off. Repeat application if necessary. RESULTS: - gentle but deep cleansing action of hair and scalp - soft and shiny hair - dandruff-free scalp The characteristic fragrance Rhubarb & Ginseng is an aromatic mix especially chosen for its antiseptic and sedating action OLFACTORY DESCRIPTION: aromatic, fruity, woody: HEAD: orange, lemongrass, cassis HEART: red fruit, jasmine, rose, ginseng BASE: rhubarb, woody notes

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