The Botanikare Day Therapy wellness ritual, begins with a PRE PHASE treatment ideal for all scalps with a dedicated detoxifying and deep cleansing action and a completion phase with a specific lengths and ends strengthening action.

Eco-Mineral Mousse

Eco-friendly mineralizing mousse gently detangles, nourishes and strengthens lengths and ends Eco-friendly mineralizing mousse gently detangles, nourishes and strengthens lengths and ends. Innovative formula with precious bio-chelate minerals, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium and silica, selected for their ability to strengthen and invigorate the hair structure and replenish with keratinic substances naturally found in the hair. DIRECTIONS: After following the selected ritual, dispense 1-2 swirls to cleansed and towel dried hair, comb through to distribute evenly. Do not rinse off and style as desired. RESULTS: • leaves hair soft, hydrated and restructured • films to protect hair for a silky glossy effect • restores hair to its natural balance The characteristic fragrance Ginger & Guarana is an aromatic floral blend. OLFACTORY DESCRIPTION: flowery, spicy, woody, sweet HEAD: orange, tangerine, petitgrain, bay, juniper HEART: cardamom, coriander, cloves, ginger, green pepper BASE: rosewood, sandalwood, benzoin, patchouly, cream

Peeling Pre-Treatment

Purifying and detoxifying treatment formulated to maintain the scalp perfectly clean Purifying and detoxifying treatment to carefully cleanse and disinfect the scalp. This treatment combines granules of nutshells, for a delicate yet deep exfoliation, Piroctone Olamine helps restore the natural microbial balance while Protelan AG11 carries out an effective hydrating action. DIRECTIONS: Apply to dry scalp using the nozzle, and gently massage. Leave on for a few minutes, emulsify with a small amount of water and work into a lather. Rinse off well. Choose a specific shampoo to follow up- treatment. RESULTS: • deep scalp cleansing action • rebalances scalp flaking • fully respects the hydro-lipidic layer • relieves itching The characteristic fragrance Juniper & Cinnamon is an aromatic mix especially chosen for its stimulating action OLFACTORY DESCRIPTION: aromatic, woody, spicy HEAD: Orange, eucaliptus HEART: juniper, cloves, thyme, incense BASE: vanilla, cinnamon bark, white musk

Aroma Oil Treatment

Essential Oil Detox Treatment The synergy between Eucaliptus, Bergamot and Bitter Orange essential oils is at the heart of the new Botanikare Day Therapy Aroma Oil Treatment. The Aroma Oil Treatment has been formulated to deep cleanse the scalp and is invaluable as it helps eliminate toxins through the emo-lymphatic circulation. Toxins are considered to be the main cause of many common scalp disorders; hair loss, dandruff, greasy scalps and a reduction in the quality of keratin present. ESSENTIAL OIL: Bergamot antiseptic properties Bitter Orange stimulates epidermal metabolism to counter scalp aging, dermatitis and eczema Eucaliptus decongesting and antiseptic properties Use: for a deep active action, apply Aroma Oil Treatment directly onto the unwashed scalp and massage until fully absorbed. Leave on for a few minutes and carry out the stages of the selected Botanikare Ritual. For an aromatherapeutic action, add a few drops of Aroma Oil Treatment to the most suitable Botanikare shampoo chosen to treat the hair and scalp disorder, mix and begin cleansing.

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