Nourishing Spa Color & Care



Color Care Treatment

Colored hair protection Use: Use: apply to wet hair to protect before styling, apply to dry hair to discipline and smooth the outer surface. Do not rinse off.

Color Care Serum

Serum for colored and treated hair The antioxidaziong action of Garcinia Mangostana, films and protects leaving hair glossy. Enanches the brilliance of cosmetic colors. Use: Apply along lengths and tips before and after drying hair.

Leave-in Color Protector

Spray color stabilizer Rebalances and stabilizes hair structures after a colouring service. It closes cuticle scales and locks deep within the hair structure the pigments prolonging color life and combat color fading. Use: After shampooing spray over damp hair and comb through. Do not rinse off.

Color Care Conditioner

Color maintenance conditioner Revitalizes and regenerates all cosmetically color treated hair structures with an intensive conditioning and nourishing action. The exclusive concentrated fusion of Garcinia Mangostana bonds with high action antioxidants and amino silicones to optimize color retention and combat color fading factors. Use: After shampooing apply to lengths and tips, comb through and leave on for 3 minutes. Rinse off well.

Color Care Cleanser

Shampoo Color Maintenance Its gentle cleansing action protects cosmetically colour treated hair structures and delivers maximum moisture and essential hydration. The exclusive concentrated fusion of Garcinia Mangostana with high action antioxidants and quaternary silicones guarantee long lasting maximum color and counters all the fading factors. Use: Apply to damp hair, massage and rinse off. Repeat if necessary.

Nourishing Color Balm

Innovate gentle cleansing balm to prolong and protect cosmetic colours IDEAL FOR: • delicate and demanding color treated hair • reduces friction on the hair fiber • all types of hair structure • after a color service BENEFITS: • reduces friction on the hair fiber • protects and prolongs color hold • nourishes and hydrates • rebalances natural pH level ACTIONS: • gently removes color residue • restores nourishment and hydration • counters premature color fading (anti-oxidizing properties) FRAGRANCE: Peonia & Cassis delicate e floreale fruttata SENZA: Peony & Cassis delicate, floral and fruity. USO: • apply to wet hair and massage gently • apply a little water and work into a creamy light foam • leave on for 2 – 3 minutes • rinse off well

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