Hair Lotion Treatments

Revitalizing Lotion

Revitalizing lotion with seaweed extracts and soy seeds Restructuring and revitalizing treatment for hair and scalp. Formulated with innovative extracts of marine algae and linseed oil to replenish natural energy, nourish and reintegrate mineral salts, proteins and vitamins.

Herb Ego - Energizing Treatment for Fine and Weak Hair

Energizing treatment for fine and weak hair Enriched with extracts of herbs which nourish the scalp and replenish the correct balance of Mineral Salts, Vitamins and essential oils of natural derivation. Rosemary purifies, Nettles nourish and Mint tones and refreshes making it an ideal product for weak hair structures. Use: Apply 15 ml of shampoo evenly to the scalp, cleanse and rinse off well. Apply Herb Ego lotion and massage gently.

Curative Cren - Preventive Treatment for Hairloss

Energizing treatment for fine and weak hair Its specific formulation rich in extracts of Radish roots and Soy Proteins, carries out an effective energizing and nourishing action. May cause temporary redness. Use: apply evenly 15 ml of shampoo to the scalp, cleanse and leave on for 2/3 minutes. Rinse off well and apply Curative Cren lotion.

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