Plasmante Perm

Universal Perming lotion with amino acids
Plasmante universal Perming lotion formulated with amino acid, its balanced innovative formula is ideal for creating volume, hold and movement to all types of hair (natural, colored and treated) without modifying the cosmetic color. Innovative delicate organic formula is ideal for all hair types.


Rebalancing Spray formulated to film the cuticle in just 1 minute. It neutralizes all remaining traces of alkaline build-up and restores brilliance and elasticity. Use: After rinsing off the neutralizer apply the spray along the lengths and ends, massage but do not comb. Leave on for just 1 minute, rinse off well and style as desired.


Universal Neutralizer, specific for all hair types, it acts internally to protect the cuticle. There is no need to unwind the perm rods during neutralizing because its hydrogen peroxide free formula enters deep into the hair structure. Its neutral pH regenerates the sulphur bonds to restore elasticity and brilliance to every single curl. Use: Once processing is over do not unwind the perm rods, rinse well with warm water and begin to neutralize. Use the special applicator bottle to apply the Neutralizer directly onto each perm rod and leave on for 10 minutes, then unwind all the perm rods and rinse off well. When working with very long hair increase the leave-on time by 5 minutes. Towel dry and apply the Rebalancing Spray. Complete with the Rebalancing Spray.


Universal waving lotion with aminoacids. Thyioglycolate acid free formula. Use: Cleanse hair with Deep Keratin Shampoo 1. On damp hair wind the perm rods and apply the waving lotion. Processing time 5/20 min. Do not use heat. Use: Only to be applied to healthy scalps. Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact should occur rinse immediately. Always wear protective gloves during handling.Keep out of the reach of children.

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