The FIRST ever professional range of COLOR and PRODUCTS that have been especially formulated to meet all the needs of NATURALLY BLONDE, bleached or lightened hair structures. The active ingredients in the BE BLONDE range, selected for their restructuring and deep nourishing properties guarantee maximum brilliance.

Pure Light Oil

Cosmetic Lightening Oil The new Be Blonde Pure Light Oil has been specifically formulated to lighten natural blonde hair in the most delicate way possible. BENEFITS: - Cosmetically lightens up to 4 levels - Ideal for natural , ‘sun-kissed’ lightening effects - Perfect for use on regrowth of previously lightened hair - Easy to mix with Cream Co-Activator MIXING: 1 + 2 : 30 ml di Olio + 60 ml di Cream Co-Activator Always mix pure light oil with Cream Co-activator to guarantee excellent lightening results with an elevated cosmetic action

Total Blonde Activator

Cream cosmetic oxidizing activator Special cream formula, boosted with cosmetic active ingredients, for full-head lightening to guarantee maximum scalp comfort and full respect of the hair structure. BENEFITS: - Soft rich texture easy to mix with Pure Light Cream - Ideal for full head lightening - Formulated with paraben-free Hyaluronic Acid for its filling action, eco-certified Inca oil and Active Shine Complex for their excellent protecting and illuminating properties MIXING: 1:2 1 + 2 : 30 gr di Crema + 60 ml di Total Blonde Activator, for full-head lightening For full-head lightening mix Total Blonde Activator with Pure Light Cream to guarantee maximum safety and protection.

Pure Light Cream

Cosmetic Lightening Cream Cream formula lifts up to 7 levels, provides maximum control and is easy to use with all lifting techniques. BENEFITS: - Cream formula ideal for all lifting techniques (streaks, sun-kissed effects, balayages, shatush and other blonding techniques) - Perfect for foil or free-hand lifting techniques - Can be used for De-colouring Technical Services - Formulated to be used with Total Blonde Activator for full-head lightening - Creamy texture promotes improved adhesion to the hair structure and better transference of the active ingredients - Innovative formulation, boosted with eco-certified Inca Oil and Active Shine Complex MIXING: mix the required amount according to the chosen lifting technique 1:1,5 gives a more compact consistency perfect for free-hand techniques 1:2 gives a more fluid consistency perfect for foil techniques 1:2 for full-head lightening

Pure Light Blue Powder

Compact Blue Bleaching Powder Be Blonde presents a new lightening formula, its mix of special active ingredients takes it to an exceptionally high level of product performance with a lifting power of up to 7 levels. BENEFITS: - Cosmetic lightening that fully respects the hair structure - Ideal for use with all lightening techniques and for De-colouring Technical Services Neutralizes unwanted underlying yellow tones - ‘zero dust’ non-volatile formula - Easy to mix with Cream Co-Activator MIXING: 1:1,5 gives a more compact consistency perfect for free-hand techniques 1:2 gives a more fluid consistency perfect for foil techniques Always mix pure light blue powder with Cream Co-activator to guarantee excellent lightening results with an elevated cosmetic action

Pure Toner

Toner Cream for naturally blonde, bleached or lightened hair BENEFITS: - Progressive and balanced toning action - Neutralizes unwanted warm underlying tones - Delicate formula with eco-certified Inca Oil & Active Shine Complex - Zero ammonia for excellent scalp comfort and total respect of hair structure - Outstanding longer lasting brilliance TONERS AVAILABLE: PURE WHITE ICE-COLD effect, ideal for neutralizing underlying soft yellow tones, perfect for cool blondes PURE PLATINUM ASH-BLONDE effect, ideal for neutralizing underlying yellow-orange tones, perfect for steely blondes PURE CARAMEL CARAMEL-BLONDE effect, perfect for enhancing warm tones PURE CIPRIA PASTEL-BLONDE effect, ideal for neutralizing underlying intense yellow tones, perfect for very personalized blondes MIXING: 1:2 1 + 2: 30 gr di Pure Toner + 60 ml di Cream Co-Activator The new pure toner must be always be mixed with Cream co-activator 10 vol. (3%) in order to reach perfect synergy between the active ingredients and the cosmetic action. Ref. 3051 - White 60 ml Ref. 3052 - Platinum 60 ml Ref. 3053 - Caramel 60 ml Ref. 3054 - Dusty Pink 60 ml

Pure Diamond Lift

Hi-lift permanent coloring cream Formulated to actively balance the lifting, tonalizing and treating actions. The new generation of color pigments in sync with the augmented concentration of oils and treating agents work together maintain the hair fibre hydrated, supple and with brilliant PURE DIAMOND SHINE. Technology: DIAMOND-SHINE TECHNOLOGY represents the perfect balanced fusion between science and nature Active principles: the synergic action of the eco-certified Tri-active Complex (Active Shine, Inca Oil and HydraHair) helps protect the color from yellowing and guarantees maximum hair protection during the lifting process. 5 tones: HL.0 Natural = reaches maximum lift and a translucent “pure blonde” effect - Ref. 3273 HL.1 Ash= for ash-blonde lift effects, neutralizes unwanted orange-yellow tones - Ref. 3274 HL.2 Irise’ = lifts and neutralizes intense yellow tones to reach beige-iris effects - Ref. 3270 HL.91 Pearl Ash = lifts and neutralizes light yellow tones to reach pearl blonde effects - Ref. 3271 HL.7 Beige = lifts and neutralizes unwanted warm tones to reach sandy-blonde effects - Ref. 3272

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