Color Utilities

Wipe Out

Stain Remover Wipes Stain remover wipes, gently removes all traces of cosmetic color and barrier cream from the hairline, neck and hands to reduce the risk of irritation and redness. The practical re-sealable pack with its pop-up lid keeps wipes fresh and perfumed. Use: gently rub Wipe Out over the area to be cleansed and then rinse well.

Color Screen Protector

Color Screen Protector Special cream formulated to be used during technical color services, essential for protecting skin from possible irritation. Use: apply product carefully along the hairline before the color treatment. Easily removed during shampooing.

Stain Remover

DESTAINER The effective stain removing action of this delicate cleansing paste is carried out by the micronized minerals in its plant base. Use: use a damp cotton wool disc to gently massage the product over the stain.


POROSITY EQUALIZER It smooths and restores structure and uniformity to the hair surface to improve the degree of absorption of color pigments and active principles. Ideal as a pre-treatment for decoloring, streaks, perms and straightening. Use: spray over hair and comb through before carrying out the chosen technical service.

Soothing Oil

Protects sensitive scalps and hair fibre during technical services, preventing irritation and redness. Use: add 7-10 ml of the oil to the color mix and apply as usual.

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