Alter Ego Italy could not have chosen a more fitting location to reveal the beginning of their NEW ERA than the “Officine del Volo”, in Via Mecenate Milan “a space that becomes memory” once the aeronautic workshops of the famous aviation pioneer Giovanni Caproni.

The key to Alter Ego Italy’s steady growth over the last 25 years lies in its unfaltering passion, dedication and commitment to its artistry and the quality of its professional products. The 8th of February 2015 will be remembered as the day Alter Ego Italy presented its new logo and brand identity, and set down yet another significant keystone in its outstanding and dynamic history.

On arrival, the guests were welcomed into the atrium that had been tastefully decorated with a visual timeline, a plaque for each of the most important dates in the brand’s history. At 4 0’clock the owners, Gianni and Federico Pegorin, together with Nicoletta Peruzzo, the Brand Marketing Director, unveiled the new logo for all to admire.

“Today represents a very important step forward for our brand” said Nicoletta Peruzzo “and one which we all really believe in. We are fully aware that by changing our logo we are also revealing a new brand identity and this represents a great challenge in more ways than one. However, the decision to change did not happen overnight, the brand’s constant growth and evolution over the last few years has created a new awareness and desire to focus on re-positioning it and face all the new challenges that lie ahead.”

“In 1988 I had this idea to create a brand of salon professional products” began Federico Pegorin after unveiling the new logo “but I could never have imagined that it would grow so rapidly to become the Alter Ego Italy of today. Of course, the old brand is a fundamental part of our history but it belongs to the past and we, as a company, are committed to the future. Alter Ego Italy needed a new brand identity, elegant, modern and exclusive one that fears no rivals in the international professional hair industry! And this is exactly what we are proudly presenting to you today.”

Proactive and forward-driven, Gianni and Federico’s vision has become a prestigious international brand and they have always backed and believed in all the brand’s decisions.

Confirmation of this change and support is evident in the appointment of Craig Smith as the new Global Creative Director. Since 2012 with Craig at the helm of the Creative and Stylistic division, Alter Ego Italy has showcased internationally acclaimed trend collections and he has headed a host of International shows, the 3 latest were held this week in Colombia.

“I think we can, now, say that we have reached a perfect balance” concluded Nicoletta Peruzzo “as we can guarantee an innovative portfolio of products of exceptionally high standard that are constantly updated to meet all new market demands. We are lucky because we can rely on a group of collaborators who work behind-the-scenes and externally we have our ambassadors who convey the brand identity internationally. This is Alter Ego Italy and this is our strength. Our foundations are solid and allow us to look to the future with faith and determination. It’s true, we are we are entering a new era, but it’s just the beginning of many great things to come!”

The atrium echoed to the sound of applause and glasses were raised to welcome in the NEW ALTER EGO ITALY ERA. The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to presenting all the latest marketing launches and commercial offers to the distributors. The evening ended with an excellent dinner with a special Alter Ego Italy menu. The meeting agenda was extremely rich with many product launches: the specific new Wash & Care treatment line for blonde, bleached or lightened structures is the latest addition to the Be Blonde range. Four new styling and finishing products make up the new Hasty Too Runway Collection, innovative formulations inspired by the world of session styling and designed to create unique looks from elegant to street-savvy. The new summer promo campaign was launched with the Arganikare Tropical range and its exclusive gadgets were met with much enthusiasm.

The meeting ended with an explosion of pure color celebration with the new Kolorgraphie Spring/Summer Collection 2015 by Craig Smith. Classic techniques used to create futuristic forms where color is the hero.

An unforgettable day making history in a space that becomes memory.

Welcome to the new Alter Ego Italy era!

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